Re-Take Oakland:

Creating and promoting personal documentary films from our communities

This summer, we are launching a mentoring program for emerging people of color filmmakers and emerging community advocates.

Documentary filmmakers will partner with advocates to create short films about individuals, families, and communities, while supported by experienced mentors.

Three public film screenings, open to the public, will be held in June and August 2019.


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We present, sponsor, and co-host events

to advocate for personal storytelling

and promote cross-cultural understanding.


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Our Purpose

Our purpose is to humanize media representations of underrepresented communities through a focus on personal stories from those communities in documentary film and nonfiction media.
We are empowered when we tell our own stories in a deeply authentic way.


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Our Story

In ancient Persian, African, Indian, and Chinese cultures, women used the henna plant for body art and hair dying. In some places, women would gather in bath houses and share stories and ideas while using henna to dye each others’ hair.
This practice continues today, from which Re-Present Media was born.


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