Re-Take Oakland was a two-year public education and filmmaker mentoring program (2019-2021). Documentary filmmakers of color created short personal films featuring stories of individuals, families, and communities in Oakland. They presented these films in collaboration with community partners in post-film dialogues.

Filmmaker Updates


ALIVE IN BRONZE: Huey P. Newton – VC x BGDM Shorts Showcase 2024

ALIVE IN BRONZE: Huey P. Newton, directed by Re-Take Oakland filmmaker A.K. Sandhu, will be screened in the VC x BGDM Shorts Showcase 2024 presented by the Video Consortium and Brown Girls Doc Mafia. They are hosting in-person screenings across NYC, LA, SF, and Atlanta, curated by VC x BGDM and featuring in person Q&As. […]


IDA – Storytelling Our Way: Filmmakers of Color Forge Their Path

Re-Take Oakland filmmaker, Pallavi Somusetty, will be a panelist for Storytelling Our Way: Filmmakers of Color Forge Their Path. This panel is part of the IDA Logan Elevate Public Program, a series of panels where IDA Logan Elevate 2023 filmmaking fellows open a conversation about cultural exchange within the film industry. Storytelling Our Way: Filmmakers […]


Jennifer Huang at FIFDH, Hague Humanity Hub, Movies that Matter, and CPH:DOX

Re-Take Oakland filmmaker, Jennifer Huang, recently participated in several events in Europe. FIFDH Jennifer Huang pitched her film, The Long Rescue, at FIFDH on March 12, 2024. The film is one of the 16 documentary projects selected to take part in the Impact Lab 2024. The Long Rescue follows Filipina teen sex trafficking survivors for […]


[AK Sandhu]

a.k. sandhu

[Kirthi Nath]

kirthi nath

[Corinne Cueva]

corinne Manabat cueva

lucy saephan

[Jay Gash]

Jay gash

[Pallavi Somusetty]

pallavi somusetty

[Jennifer Huang]

jennifer huang

teo octavia

[Jenn Lee Smith]

jenn lee smith

[Jessica Jones]

jessica jones


[Rita Baghdadi]

Rita Baghdadi

[Nausheen Dadabhoy]

Nausheen Dadabhoy

[Kenneth Eng]

Kenneth Eng

[Selina Lewis-Davidson]

Selina Lewis-Davidson

PJ Raval

PJ Raval

[Dawn Valadez]

Dawn Valadez

Chihiro Wimbush

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[Abby Sun]

abby sun

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[Denise Soler Cox]

denise soler cox



[Robin Lung]

robin lung

Finding Kukan (2016)

[Adam Piron]

adam piron

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[Jordana Meade]

jordana meade

public broadcasting


[Roselly Torres]

roselly torres


[Aymar Jean Christian]

a j christian

Open Television


[Lacey Schwartz Delgado]

lacey schwartz delgado

Little White Lie (2014)

[Sahar Driver]

Sahar Driver community engagement

[Bing Liu]

bing liu

Minding the Gap (2018)

[Leila Weefur]

leila weefur

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[Samah Ali]

samah ali

Sisterhood Media TV

[Brenda Avila]

brenda avila

New Day Films


[Michelle Materre]

michelle materre



[Spencer Nakasako]

spencer nakasako

Refugee (2003)

[Corey Ohama]

corey ohama

New Day Films


[Pam Torno]

pam torno

public broadcasting


[Yvonne Ashley Kouadjo]

yvonne ashley kouadjo

New York Times OpDocs


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Donald Young


Soumyaa Kapil Behrens


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Anamik Saha

Senior Lecturer – Goldsmiths, Univ. of London

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Erin Turney


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Lien Do

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Shaun Farley

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